Coffee With...

During each of our coffee with... one of our Key Opinion Leaders and speaker will seat and have a coffee with some attendees. This time of exchange will allow Biovision's participants to have an intense conversation with one of our experts.

In order to attend the coffee with... a Biovision badge is required. Register to Biovision now!


If you want to register for a coffee with..., click on the name of the speaker you wish to share a cofee with...

Ali Mobasheri - University of Surrey on April 5th,2017 @9:00 am

Magda Rosenmoller - EIT-Health on April 5th,2017 @9:00 am

Foley & Lardner LLP on April 5th,2017 @9:45 am

Rajendra Pachauri - 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on April 5th,2017 @10:30 am

Nico Vandervelpen - Jlinx on April 5th,2017 @10:30 am

Jean Ponce - ENS on April 5th,2017 @2:45 pm

Mike Hardman - EMTRAIN on April 5th,2017 @2:45 pm

Terje Peetso - European commission on April 5th,2017 @3:30 pm

Canada on April 5th,2017 @3:30 pm

Lauren Jones on April 5th,2017 @4:15 pm

Richard Mason - J&J Innovation on April 5th,2017 @4:15 pm

Michel Kazatchkine - UN on April 6th,2017 @9:00 am

Foley & Lardner LLP on April 6th,2017 @9:00 am

David Wood - Transpolitica on April 6th,2017 @9:45 am

Greg Perry - Medicines Patent Pool on April 6th,2017 @10:30 am

Pierre Meulien - Innovative Medicines Initiative on April 6th,2017 @11:15 am

Hacking Health on April 6th,2017 @11:15 am

Randy Schekman - Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine on April 6th,2017 @2:00 pm