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Biovision is one of the few forums that combines 4 types of audience. Academia, Civil society, Policy makers and the Private sector meet in Biovision and Debate major issues and reach salient conclusions in order to take action for the benefit of citizens.

One health, One Place


— From global health to one health

One Health is "the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines - working locally, nationally, and globally - to attain optimal health for people, animals and the environment" and it will be the main topic for Biovision Prospective.
Biovision Prospective will be divided in 6 paths where an exchange time, bridge meetings between 20 experts and challengers amongst attendees, Insights and a delivery of the call for action will take place.
Each path, will have a sub-theme. Global medical education & training, Digital health and innovation for sustainable healthcare, Emerging viral diseases, Animal health, Cancer, Innovative technologies and science of metagenomics to reach One Health.

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— Call for applications are open

Launched in 2013 , Biovision Catalyzer and Biovision Investor allow innovative projects holders and startups representatives to meet and connect with potential private and public partners. Medtechs, BioTechs, e-health and environment-Health project and startups are welcome to apply now. The selection process will end February 24th 2017 and the selected projects and startups will be pitching in front of a selection committee during the Biovision Forum.

Download the call for applicaitonAppply Now!

Appply Now!

— Biovision is proud to work with BIO One-on-One Partnering™ to offer you the best partnering tool

Biovision is the place to network and make the connections you need to secure partnerships, investments and contacts. BIO One-on-One Partnering™ makes it easier to identify potential partners online, request meetings and schedule meetings during Biovision.
The online partnering system allows you to communicate directly with investors, senior business and scientific management executives, scientists and policy makers. You can invite companies and accept invitations to meet, and once your meetings are mutually accepted, Biovision does the scheduling so you arrive with a schedule plan!


— Biovision is proud to welcome our new partners

We would like to thank our new partners.


— Biovision wishes you happy holidays

Biovision, will come back in 2017 with news about the Prospective track, registrations, Catalyzer and Investor, until then we wish all happy holidays.

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