Debate Session
Healthy Ageing: can science help you live longer and better?

Wednesday April 5th from 01:30 pm to 02:30 pm - Main stage

Debate session co-organized with:
Your mother’s diet, your immune system and air pollution affect how long you will live and whether you will develop Alzheimer’s or cancer. Not only are European Research Council (ERC) funded researchers unravelling the secrets of longevity, they are exploring ways of adding ‘life to years’ as well as ‘years to life’. But is it worth extending lifespan if it only adds years of misery? Clearly not – but many are trying to do something about it. The European Union set a bold target in 2012: to increase the average healthy lifespan of Europeans by two years by 2020. And separately, the ERC with its bottom-up funding competitions is backing top scientists in their quest to figure out how we can live longer, better lives.
Science|Business is supporting ERC=Science2  to put a spotlight on leading researchers helping to unravel the mysteries behind the ageing process and providing direction on how we can alleviate some of the associated problems.

Stanley Durrleman
Maryline Fiaschi
Nikos Paragios
Chiara Vitale-Brovarone