Priscillia Andrieu

Energies pour l'Afrique

Priscillia Andrieu is currently advising former French Minister Jean-Louis Borloo in his foundation to electrify the African continent on relations with foreign governments and international organizations. Insuring foreign political support, reframing the global vision of development aid, and mobilizing funds are part of her daily challenges with the European Commission and Parliament, the national Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Development and Cooperation, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the African Development Bank. Being the point of contact for any foreign actor, she also represents her organization on the international level, from conferences and interviews to the COP22.
While advocating for energy access in Africa, she has acquired strategic knowledge, partly translated in her book on the Energy transition in Africa or in her policy briefs for international think tanks.
Passing on knowledge to young generations is highly central in her vision. She is a board member of the organization Protect Our Planet - Youth inspired by knowledge, created by Nobel Peace Prize and former IPCC president R.K. Pachauri, educating youth to the challenges and the responses to climate change.

Priscillia is also a professor and lecturer in business schools in France on strategy and political science. She previously taught economics and social sciences to high-schoolers in low-income neighborhoods and communities around Paris. Growing up in sensitive areas in the South of France, insuring access to education to every child proved obvious. The daily interactions grew into a documentary scenario on young women (18-35 years-old) in low-income communities in France, using the Paris area and the South of France as focus field research.

While teaching, Priscillia was also a journalist and producer on an English-speaking TV channel, insuring the on and off-air logistics of a week-day debate on international relations. She handled the show from beginning to end: contributing the morning editorial conference, elaborating the editorial guide lines of the debate, booking and briefing the guests, and supervising the control room during live broadcasting.

Her appetite for international issues was born in Washington, DC where she worked for a lobby during the health care reform and the Job Plans of 2009. Reporting on hearings and meetings on the Hill, Priscillia wrote the First Friday Reports, a monthly analysis of the unemployment numbers with a focus on a socio-economic minority, as well as a special report on Income inequalities in the US since the 1950s.
She also volunteered on American political campaigns and discovered the art of fundraising, later becoming assistant to the founders or directors of funds, the subject of her master thesis (Compared analysis of fundraising in France and in the US).

Priscillia graduated from a master’s degree in public affairs from the Institute of Political Studies in France.


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Impact of environment on health

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