Markus Perola

Research Professor - University of Helsinki Diabetes and Obesity Research Program

Dr. Perola is the group leader of the Quantitative Genetics-group at the University of Helsinki Diabetes and Obesity Research Program. Research Programs Unit of the UH’s Faculty of Medicine is a top-quality research environment. Dr Perola is also a Professor in the National Institute of Health and Welfare, Finland and a visiting professor in University of Tartu, Estonian Genome Center, Estonia. He is leading a multi-national research team focusing on the genomics and other omics in relevance to common human traits and diseases. Dr. Perola is the coordinator for the FP7 biobanking infrastructure project BBMRI-LPC and participating and an active member in several large international genetic consortium studies such as BioShare, BBMRI, ENGAGE, GenomEUtwin, GEHA, MIMOmics and MORGAM. He has initiated and run for a long time the KTL/THL DNA repository. Dr. Perola is also an active organizer and lecturer for several international courses concentrating on the analyses of genetic data and/or biobanking. He is the vice-president of the coordinating ethical board of the Helsinki University hospital. He has supervised 10 PhD theses. His publication list includes over 270 original articles in leading genetic and cardiovascular journals. He is listed as number 9 in “Finnish Medical Scholars” – database and he is listed as one of 20 top scientists in Estonia 2012- (an yearly unordered list held by the University of Tartu, all fields of sciences considered). He is listed in the Thomson Reuters The World’s most influencal scientific minds. Dr. Perola is also a practicing physician in Helsinki Western Emergency Hospital, Helsinki, Finland.


Precision medicine in oncology : challenges, stakes and new paradigms

Thursday April 6th from 09:00 am to 11:30 am
Workshop B