Patty Kostkova

Cheif Editor - Frontiers

Patty is the is currently the Principal Research Associate in the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR), University College London (UCL). In years 2012-13, she held a Research Scientist post at the ISI Foundation in Italy and in June 2014 was appointed ISI Fellow for her research into digital epidemiology. In the recent years, she was appointed a consultant at WHO, ECDC, Telefonica and Foundation Merieux. In addition to Patty’s Advisory Board memberships including ECDC Knowledge Management Working Group. Until 2012, she was Reader and the Head of City eHealth Research Centre (CeRC) at City University, London, UK - a thriving multidisciplinary research centre collaborating with international partners and funding bodies including ECDC, WHO, HPA, EC and DH. Patty’s team was awarded  the EHI 2012 Prize – finalist in Category “Best Use of social media in healthcare” and BCS and Computing: UK IT Industry Awards 2012 – finalist in Category „IT project demonstrating most effective use of collaborative technology.  

Patty’s current research investigates mobile training and crowdsourcing for community engagement to combat the zika virus in Brazil, increasing resilience and disaster preparedness in perinatal women in Nepal and strengthening antibiotic stewardship using game-based training in Nigeria. Her team's research into Big Data for public and global health includes one of the first studies exploring the potential of Twitter for early-warning of swineflu 2009. Medi+board explores integration of multiple Big Data sources for verification, rapid risk assessment and effective response. Her team piloted a novel model enabling direct technology transfer of a user-driven high impact research through a family of real-world online services for public health and infectious disease professionals including the iNternational Resource for Infection Control (iNRIC), ECDC training resource FEM Wiki and educational games for children edugames4all.

She established and chairs the interdisciplinary International Conference on Digital Health with focus on public health digital epidemiology, global health and emergency medicine in the era of big data.  She established and chaired the 1st UCL Festival Digital Health mobilizing over 1000 participants in June 2014 and the 2nd UCL FDH in February 2016. Regular invited and keynote speaker at prestigious institutions and international conferences, Patty published 120 peer-reviewed papers, several book chapters and edited a number of journals. Since 2014, she is the Editor in chief of the Frontiers in Digital Health - cross-linked Frontiers in Public Health and Frontiers in ICT. Her research was extensively covered by international media including the Medi1TV, BBC, AFP, the Vancouver Sun, the Malaysian Insider.


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