Annick Guimezanes

Immunologist, ScienSAs' program researcher - Inserm

Annick Guimezanes studied immunology at the University and the Pasteur Institute and graduated at the Paris-Diderot-University. As research scientist Inserm at the CIML (Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy), she studied the mechanisms of T cell activation during graft rejection. She focused on the molecular basis of T cell specificity, and take part in the elucidation of the structural features of cross-ractive recognition of alloantigens by the T cell receptor. In parallel with this fondamental research, she begun to animate immunology training courses for patient suffering from auto-immune diseases, in order to give them a basic knowledge of immune system function. These sessions, organised by Inserm, allow trainees to better understand their disease and the biomedical research process, and give them a chance of meeting researchers who present their current work. Those patients frequently asked questions regarding vaccination, an important issue for immuno-deficient patients, and regretted the lack of answers from their physicians, often hesitating upon vaccinating them. This led us to organize training courses upon vaccination, and to observe at this occasion that a lot of fears came from ignorance, and we can address these concerns by information and explanation.


Reach a better understanding of vaccine science

Thursday April 6th from 09:00 am to 11:30 am
Workshop A