Cédric Aubin

Consulting Director - Public sector and healthcare organizations - Keyrus

Cedric AUBIN is a Senior Manager leading consulting capabilities for public sector and healthcare organizations at KEYRUS, a key player in consulting and technologies enables organizations to successfully turn the new data-digital paradigm into opportunities by accompanying their digital transformation and leveraging their data assets.
The steering of the health enterprises performance is a part of an overall approach aimed much more at promoting continual improvement than at monitoring. Cedric assists functional and business departments in defining and putting in place models and dashboards combining financial and operational performance – for example, through a "Balanced Scorecard"-type approach. KEYRUS's Data Intelligence know-how allows it to take advantage of new technologies so as to put in place agile and cross-cutting steering solutions.
Cedric is also a member of the 'French Evaluation Society' and an associated professor and researcher in IFROSS, School for Research on Health and Social Organizations and their Networks in Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. The IFROSS mission is to educate students about and promote research on the analyses of treatment practices, strategy, organization, legal aspects, and evaluation of health, social, and medico-social structures. IFROSS conducts multi-disciplinary research on the regulation of health and social services systems: treatment practice analyses, evaluation, accreditation, quality, management and costs control, planning, projects, operational organization, and information systems. Cedric is in charge of a course on decision support in several masters.
Cedric holds a General Management Program master degree of iaelyon School of Management, a master degree in management for medical and social organizations from IFROSS and received PhD program in management from University of Lyon 3 whose thesis topic was 'how decide in hospital'.


Digital health and innovation for sustainable healthcare

Tuesday April 4th from 03:30 pm to 06:00 pm
Workshop B