Emily Darlington


Emily Darlington (PhD) has a non-permanent position as research-assistant and assistant professor at the Department of Education (Université Jean Monnet). She holds a PhD in Health Promotion, which focuses on implementation of health promoting projects, particularly in school settings. The use of realistic evaluation, combined with system-thinking and complexity theory, served as the grounds to elicit the implementation process and understand what type of outcomes could be identified as well as the contextual factors involved in the process. Emily’s research interests include implementation of health promotion projects or programmes, programme evaluation, participatory approaches, and in particular co-creation and design thinking. She is a member of the research Unit Laboratoire Acté EA 4281, as well as research associate with the Laboratoire HESPER EA 7425. Also, she has good knowledge of the welfare sector as she studied medicine for 5 years and worked in hospitals and private practices as part of her studies. She also completed a Master’s degree in Education and Public Health, and 2 Master programmes in Biology (Cell Biology, and Radioactive tracers).

She has been taking part in several European projects on the subjects of health and education:

 In addition to her teaching and research activities, Emily is part of the editorial committee for “Education, Santé, Sociétés” - Scientific Journal developed by Unirès the French Network for Health Promoting Teacher Training Colleges. She is also a member of the SHE Network (Schools for Health Network) research group, and coordinated the SHE evaluation report in 2014 (evaluation of SHE activities) as requested by the European Commission.


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