Nancy Abou Zeid

Fondation ARC

Nancy Abou-Zeid is Head of Translational research and Innovation at French ARC Foundation for cancer research. Before joining ARC Foundation, Nancy has gained a two-fold expertise in Basic and Clinical research in Oncology. She received a PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie / Institut Curie in 2006, then worked as a scientist at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA, France). At that time, her main interest was cell biology applied to the field of oncology, and in particular cell dissociation and migration. In 2009, she joined the oncology department of Groupe hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph where she developed skills in clinical research implementation. With this expertise in cancer research, Nancy joined ARC Foundation in 2011 to serve to field of research funding in oncology.
ARC Foundation is a non-profit Foundation dedicated to funding research in all fields of oncology, with the aim to reduce the mortality rate associated with cancer. ARC Foundation contributes to a better understanding of the pathologies, encourages innovation and accelerates the availability to sufferers of research-related discoveries. Its scientific strategy focuses on identifying, selecting and implementing the most inventive and the most collaborative approaches, since it is these approaches that lead to the quickest progress for the benefit of patients. It also relies on a systematic assessment of the methods and obtained results, as a guarantee of the excellence of the financed works.
Within the Scientific Department of ARC Foundation, Nancy manages the Translational research and Innovation team. The group’s main mission is to identify innovative projects in the field of cancer (basic, translational and clinical research, public health, epidemiology), through calls for proposals or direct partnerships with research institutes/clinical research sponsors in France or abroad. Nancy is also in charge of ARC Foundation’s scientific collaborations with French and international partners in the field of cancer research.
During the past 3 years, within her group, more than 50 projects were funded, in a variety of fields including clinical research (in particular in precision medicine), molecular profiling, translational research, prevention (primary, secondary and tertiary), pediatric oncology, occupational cancers… In the recent years, Nancy has developed special expertise in precision medicine and cancer prevention.
Nancy also supervises the scientific monitoring and evaluation of funded projects. She manages international expert committees in charge of the selection, evaluation and monitoring of the projects.
Additionally, using her expertise in cancer research, Nancy contributes to the development of the scientific strategy of ARC Foundation.


Precision medicine in oncology : challenges, stakes and new paradigms

Thursday April 6th from 09:00 am to 11:30 am
Workshop B