Bertrand Ridremont


Dr Bertrand Ridremont is a veterinary surgeon (DVM) graduated from veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort (France) and also got a Master degree in Nutrition from University Paris VI / INA-Paris Grignon.

He got a big experience in animal health and nutrition in many species (Ruminants, Swine, Poultry, Meat Rabbit), with a background in scientific matters (R and D), technical support and marketing. His past experience was first in animal feed companies, then in animal health industry.

He joined Intervet, based in Beaucouzé (France), in 1992, through technical and marketing responsabilities (Swine business). His current position in “MSD Santé Animale” is Technical Director in Ruminants Business Unit, managing the technical support of different ranges of products (vaccines, antiparasitics, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory products, management of reproduction, …) with a team of 5 technical managers (vets).

He is currently President of Antibiotherapy Technical Group of SIMV (Paris, France) with different tasks : coordination of working group on different topics (technical, regulatory, scientific, …) dealing with antibiotics in French and European (in connection with IFAH) contexts, contribution to the national plane against antibioresistance in France (Ecoantibio) as SIMV was a pilot of several measures/actions.

He is also an active member (within SIMV) of RFSA network (“Réseau Français de Santé Animale”), gathering private, institutional, scientific organizations/institutes working on different topics (Emerging Diseases, Research needs/field concerns, European projects follow up, cooperation between public and private research organizations/institutes, …).